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I get this message in Word: "Word couldn't send mail because of mapi failure: attachment not found" Just to let you know, I have no problem sending this as a PDF when I choose the "Send as PDF" option in Word. How do I fix it so that I'm able to send as Word attactment through TB? ** PLEASE DO NOT SAY THIS IS A THUNDERBIRD ISSUE. Make sure that the email application is handling send requests outside of Worldox - right click on a document in Windows Explorer and choose Send To->Mail Recipient. If that works, but you still get the MAPI_E_FAILURE message in Worldox, then we'll need to take a deeper look. Start Thunderbird in Safe Mode & Fix Thunderbird Problems or Errors To troubleshoot any persisting Mozilla Thunderbird email issues, a user can start the Thunderbird in the Safe Mode. It is because a user can change the Thunderbird settings in the safe mode.

Thunderbird mapi failure

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Does 19.11 work with Thunderbird. I amd still getting a MAPI error. Now I have checked it is the default email program. I have also set the default.

März 2009 beim Versenden per E-Mail Fehler auftreten (General MAPI failure). Bei Thunderbird finden Sie die entsprechende Option unter „Extras  30 Nov 2011 Other of our customers using Thunderbird, OE, Outlook, etc, where the MAPI is working.

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General MAPI failure (2) (too old to reply) chuck 2009-09-08 16:03:39 UTC. Permalink. I use Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird as my default email client.

Thunderbird mapi failure

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2019-03-02 · Thunderbird 60.5.2 causes a MAPI error – a workaround. Posted on 2019-03-02 by guenni. [ German ]Mozilla’s developers released the e-mail client Thunderbird version 60.5.2 on February 25, 2019. This maintenance update should fix some bugs, but caused users to get a MAPI error when trying to send mail attachments. Since we focus on Office 365 programs, we don’t know if Thunderbird supports MAPI. You can contact Thunderbird support to check if they can help you on this problem. For now, please change the default mail application to the Outlook client.

MAPI_E_BAD_RECIPTYPE . 15. The type of a recipient was not MAPI_TO, MAPI_CC, or MAPI_BCC. No message was sent. MAPI_E_TEXT_TOO_LARGE .
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Thunderbird mapi failure

Topic: Fix slowness, crashing, Windows 10, I select send as attachment from Word and get this MAPI failure. Chosen solution To correct a MAPI related error: restart the MAPI e-mail program (for example,Outlook) or save and close the document, and then restart Word after restarting your MAPI e-mail application. Word will establish a new MAPI session, allowing the document to be sent. The date 2019/03/01 is the date of the auto-update. The Thunderbird program folder contains the new versions of the DLLs, but the “InUse” version could not be updated.

Microsoft’s latest updates (version 1703 to 1709) causes a failure when trying to save and send a PDF in Microsoft Word and Quickbooks. After the upgrade, mailing directly from Word or Quickbooks causes the following error: Office repair and fixmapi both do not work as well as a reinstall of office. Note that the downloaded Outlook 2010 MAPI Header Files contain 18 fies, of which only 17 are needed. Do not copy MAPI.h, it is already in C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Include\10.0.17134.0\um\MAPI.h.
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Thunderbird is my default, both in the program itself and Internet Options.