Unfortunately, he reached Zul'Mashar and began to infect the other trolls even before his note was found. 1 Attacks and abilities 2 Quests 3 Loot Infiltrator Hameya - NPC. Sign in. Quick Facts; Screenshots Wowpedia Wowpedia In 3D In 3D Infiltrator Hameya. This NPC can be found in Eastern Plaguelands.

Infiltrator hameya

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Infiltrateur Hameya Ce PNJ se trouve dans Maleterres de l'est (Eastern Plaguelands) (18). Inspector Hameya (71,16 or so) is a level 60 Humanoid that patrols around the graveyard - you can easily pull him solo but chances are you will also pull a mossflayer along with him so be careful. He doesn't do a lot of damage so he's fairly easy at level 58. 10:25:28: You suffer 197 Nature damage from Infiltrator Hameya's Dark Plague. (5 stacks) It appears to me like as if he has an attack that causes 565 instant damage, and applies a DOT that ticks for 39-40 damage.

Source. This item is a reward from [60] Hameya's Plea. Patch changes.

Clear your way out of Zul'Mashar then go southeast to  Infiltrator Hameya, 60, A H, Undead, 1.11.1, 0, 0.17%. Crimson Courier, 60, A H, Humanoid, 1.11.1, 0, 0.17%.

Infiltrator hameya

items to find/deliver: 1x Hameya's Key. Kill me. Before it's too late.

Infiltrator Hameya 12390. Mark of Detonation (SW) 7804. Zaeldarr the Outcast 10275. Mark of Detonation (CLS) 7804 4 Jan 2007 7407 Infiltrator Armor 7408 Infiltrator Shoulders 7409 Infiltrator Boots 7410 Infiltrator Bracers 15814 Hameya's Slayer 15815 Hameya's Cloak 22 Mar 2010 10299 Scarshield Infiltrator 10296 Vaelan 5416 Infiltrator Marksen 5414 Apothecary Faustin 12248 Infiltrator Hameya 12249 Mark of  Mazra'Alor, and is the home of the rare mobs Warlord Thresh'jin and Zul'Brin Warpbranch. Here Infiltrator Hameya also makes his home.
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Infiltrator hameya

Each of them Knockes you down in pair, you don't have a chanse to do anything. Infiltrator Hameya (Undead lvl60) Location: 71,16 Kill, go back to Mound of Dirt (28,86) to collect the price.

Se hela listan på wow.gamepedia.com Infiltrator Hameya (Undead lvl60) Location: 71,16 Kill, go back to Mound of Dirt (28,86) to collect the price.
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This item is an objective of [60]Hameya's Plea.